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01.05.2017 20:21
Proud parent are: ALMAS AVATAR PINC - amazing male, with beautiful lines and wonderful movement! He has so much qualities we were looking for so long and great temperament as well. Dam of the litter - Our sweet and delicate Maja aka BASARAT KARIM FORNARINA. She is beautiful speciment of the breed...
20.04.2017 10:50
In May 2017 we expect litter "D" z Gibesovy zahrádky Predicted pedigree:    
09.04.2017 20:26
Almas Avatar Pinc Ch.class Ex1, CWC, best male, BOB, BIG1 Big thanks Mrs. Hanna Wozna-Gil and Mr. Maciej Lipiec for judging.
20.03.2017 20:39
19.03.2017 20:58
First show for kids of our Almas. Akariya Shell Alhaya Azulu Suez Alhaya and Azar Safari Alhaya They did great and got VP in puppy class. Then Azulu took Best Puppy and then BIS PUPPY !We are  so happy and proud.
19.03.2017 20:14
C.I.B. MCh. Almas Avatar Pinc Champion class, Ex1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, BOG Big thanks Eliška Kubínová for handling Thank Mrs. Ewa PYRCHAŁA (PL) and Mr. Dirk SPRUYT (BEL) for judging. Casper Aliuzija (son of Almas), VP, BOJ and short list of junior from group X.
05.02.2017 20:45
Davu Jumanji L'Ebony - minor puppy class, very promising
07.01.2017 20:17
Let me introduce Davu Jumanji L'Ebony - black and silver Saluki
11.12.2016 20:11
Holland Cup  9.12.2016 Almas Avatar Pinc Open class, Ex1, CAC, CACIB, best male, BOB, BIG2 Almas fullfiled all condition to Dutch Champion Amani Sayah Champion class, Ex1, r.CAC, r. CACIB from 5 in class Amsterdam winner 11.12.2016 Almas Avatar Pinc Ex3 Amani Sayah Ex5
10.12.2016 20:24
Cinnamon Aliuzija (fawn boy) Born on 27.05.2016 (6,5 months) Still looking for a loving home Pedigree
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